Ecclesbourne Bridge

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This lovely picture depicts a bridge over the river Ecclesbourne in Derbyshire. Indian Balsam grows profusely along the banks of the stream. This plant was introduced to gardens in 1839. By the end of the nineteenth century it had naturalised itself all over Britain and is now considered an invasive species. It dominates riverbanks spreading its seeds by firing them explosively into the water ready to start again.

Product contents:
  • Printed background and organza fabrics
  • Threads on numbered organiser cards
  • Fully illustrated step by step instructions
  • Bevel cut cutout mount board
  • Mdf backing board
  • And plastic wrapped chenille needle.
Embroidered area (cutout area):  20cm x 15.8cm
Outside dimension: 31cm x 26.5cm
Fabrics size: 38cm x 33cm.

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