Crocosmias and Dahlias

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Crocosmias and Dahlias

Crocosmias are a wonderful, tall, architectural plant that looks stunning in any border or bedding arrangement. This variety is called “Lucifer” for its pure fiery red flowers. Dahlias are a superb mainstay of the British summer garden and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

It looks amazing when mounted in one of our 7” or 8” hardwood display hoops.

• Printed 100% wool tweed fabric
• Lots of fabulous beads and sequins
• Coloured organza fabrics
• Threads on a numbered organiser card
• High quality chenille needle in a plastic wrapping
• Comprehensive instructions

Fabric Size: 30 x 30cm

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy stitching and the clever use of beads, sequins, and organza make this simple kit a joy to do
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Suitable for all ability levels
  • Everything you will need is included – no need to buy anything else



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