About Us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Rowandean Embroidery!

We are designers and manufacturers of hand embroidery kits designed for persons of all ages and abilities. If you are already familiar with our products you will know that these simple and fun to do hand embroidery kits really are the best that you can buy. If you can thread a needle, do a few basic stitches, and follow easy instructions, then you can successfully finish any of our kits.

Every Rowandean kit has the designs printed clearly on high quality fabrics, threads neatly presented on numbered thread organiser cards, appropriate needle wrapped in protective plastic, "customer proof" detailed and fully diagrammed instructions. Many kits also have beads, sequins, riboons etc. to add that extra texture and sparkle that makes our kits fun. Our online catalogue has all of our kits fully illustrated. These include our popular Mini kits. These hand embroidery kits are designed to just pop into your handbag or suitcase.

Whether you wish to complete one of our kits for yourself or for someone else, Rowandean’s uniquely created designs will make for an ideal present.

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