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Coronavirus - 19 update.

Hello everyone. In these difficult times we hope that all of you are safe and well. All is well with us and we continue to work from home to produce and deliver our products to you.

In order to fully comply with new rules and to fulfill our responsibility to each other we have stopped using Royal Mail for delivery of your orders and have switched to using Hermes courier services. We have done this to avoid any contact with the public and employees of Royal Mail while sending orders. This means two things:

1. It will take an extra day for your parcels to arrive as we have to order pick up online for the next day.
2. While this will cost us more per package than Royal Mail services we will not charge you any more for your postage. Rowandean will absorb the extra cost for the duration of the current crisis.

Over the last several months the sheer volume of the orders that we have received has gone through the roof and enabled us to take on workers to help us make our kits. However, we have had to send them home but are still trying to get them work remotely as we can. This has resulted in a slow down in our kit production.

In summary, we ask you to please be patient with us but to be assured that your order will be delivered as quickly as humanly possible.

We wish you health and happiness.

Katrina & Ted Witten
Rowandean Embroidery 26 March 2020


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