The Midnight Garden

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The Midnight Garden


This gorgeous embroidery is stitched on Rowandean’s own unique tweed fabric. Folded organza gives amazing texture to the Delphiniums. Overlay the organza to get brilliant colours in the foreground.
Lots of heavy wool threads and yarns give a super textured look to this lovely night time embroidery. Beads bubbling up from the grasses gives a bit of bling to the design.

It looks amazing when mounted in one of our 7” or 8” hardwood display hoops.

• Printed 100% wool tweed fabric
• Lots of fabulous beads and sequins
• Coloured organza fabrics
• Threads on a numbered organiser card
• High quality chenille needle in a plastic wrapping
• Comprehensive instructions

Fabric Size: 30 x 30cm

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy stitching and the clever use of beads, sequins, and organza make this simple kit a joy to do
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Suitable for all ability levels
  • Everything you will need is included – no need to buy anything else


SLN 11/02/2022

I received this kit as a most welcome Christmas gift from someone who had no idea I had been looking at this website only a couple of days earlier. I do a variety of needlecrafts but this was my first Rowandean kit and I will certainly be doing more. The quality of the threads and fabric is excellent and the instructions are clear, but there is also scope for improvisation, which I like. There are more than enough thread, organza, beads and embellishments to complete the project and it comes together quickly for a very satisfying result. Highly recommended.

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